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Social media giants losing content creators to blockchain based platforms

Blockchain technology is creating an interesting and ever-changing world. According to a report by Bloomberg Business, creators are heading to blockchain based platforms like Steem, LBRY...

“Big Four” consulting firms entering ICO territory

Over the last few months, the main international consulting services firms - PwC, EY, Deloitte and KPMG - have incorporated dedicated advisory services for...

Cryptocurrencies and digital currencies are not synonyms

When reading articles on cryptocurrencies, especially on bigger tech sites that are only covering a story or two about crypto every week, you will...

A glance at the future of education: Blockchain University

Professors at the University of Oxford have developed a tool that uses distributed accounting technology to record student and faculty data to create a...

[Trailer] First Hollywood movie distributed on the Blockchain arrives in June

Blockchain technology could help the film industry fight piracy. Hollywood challenges itself with "No Postage Necessary", a little romantic comedy about an unlucky hacker,...
Liechtenstein wants to become a hotspot for blockchain companies

Liechtenstein wants to become a hotspot for blockchain companies

Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein is currently inviting companies of all kinds to his country that deal with the topic of blockchain. The Principality...

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