Blockchain technology could help the film industry fight piracy. Hollywood challenges itself with “No Postage Necessary”, a little romantic comedy about an unlucky hacker, which will be distributed through the P2P network application Vevue, running on Qtum.

The Blockchain in the cinema

The producers of’No Postage Necessary’ told AFP:

No Postage Necessary will be available from June (no specific date to this day) through the Vevue application, dedicated to video content sharing. It is a decentralized application, which means in particular that no one collects personal data from users, Vevue relies solely on the Qtum technology platform developed by the Qtum Foundation, based in Singapore. Vevue works with its own crypto-currency, “tokens” that will soon be listed and available for purchase on crypto-currency exchanges.

Jeremy Culver is the director, producer and screenwriter of the film that will go on sale in the United States and through the blockchain around the world in June. Cryptocurrencies will be accepted as a means of payment as well as fiat currencies.

The story is about a cynical hacker named Sam the Devil – the role is played by “Vikings” and “Black Mirror” actor George Blagden – who falls in love while being a victim of blackmail involving crypto-currency, according to the trailer

A studio in the blockchain
Culver announced in a press release:

We are delighted to offer movie lovers around the world a whole new way to experience their entertainment by transforming the blockchain into a feature film distribution chain. While this is a first for the industry, we hope it will mark a change in the way content is shared and consumed.

Moviegoers who download a review can unlock Vevues tokens as a reward. In this way, Culver hopes that blockchain technology will help “make a free transfer”.

“Until now, the technology was not yet ready – there was no platform to support viewing,” he added. But innovation creates its own timing.

The idea of a cinema and videos that exploit the blockchain has many advantages, insofar as the content is traceable and protected against copies. We can now imagine a world in which films would no longer be pirated.”

At the South by Southwest Festival Roundtable, Zach LeBeau, SingularDTV’s Executive Director explained that each project has an unbreakable footprint that protects the property. Like any other use of the blockchain, it allows the elimination of most intermediaries, which increases the share of income received by creators.



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