TRON which is the 10th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization shows no slope in its graph and has continued to take upward slope. It recently added $4 billion to its cap from $1.5 mid-March to $5.9 as of today.

Justin Sun, who is the founder of TRON, tweeted on 1st May, 2018 about this successful airdrop which was initiated back on April 27 for the entire community of Ethereum which is known to be a highlight material as TRX and is a ERC-20 token. It also runs on the Ethereum Platform.

After Justin tweeted, there was a 30 million TRX airdrop which took place for the entire #ETH community.

As of now, 4% has been completed but the slow progress is probably because of the big number of wallets.

Also, those of you who will buy TRX token, you are actually purchasing ERC-20 token. In simple, as long as TRON’s token doesn’t have its network it will continue to use Ethereum’s to be supported.

Moreover, on this launch of TRON mainnet, ERC-20 tokens will be swapped with one-per-one basis for real TRX token.

We really think that because of this launch and token migration, TRON could become one of the potential competitors of Ethereum as Justin Sun tweeted on his account.


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